Our History: Rooted In This Place

It started with an idea – a dream – that turned into a vision, and ultimately, became a reality.  According to a local paper, planning began as early as 1904 to build a hospital in Spearfish.  About 50 years later,  a group of engaged Spearfish citizens organized a fundraising campaign to build a 15-bed facility. And in 1963, the vision became a reality when doors opened on the 20-bed facility, on the north edge of town, called Lookout Memorial Hospital, designed to “look out for the welfare of the people.”

Over the past 55 years, as the town of Spearfish has grown from 3,000 residents to a micropolitan community of 15,000+, Regional Health has grown with it, encompassing multiple locations across town. As Spearfish's largest employer, Regional Health is an innovative health care system, bursting at the seams.  

Our Future: $100 Million Health Care Campus

Regional Health has already committed $50 million of the $100 million Spearfish Health Care Campus campaign. The new campus will be built on 40 acres of donated land, on the north edge of town.  

All six Regional Health locations will be collocated onto one campus for convenience and efficiency. With approximately 81,000 square feet of hospital space and 100,000 square feet for specialty clinics and surgery, we are building for decades to come.

But our vision goes beyond healthcare. Spearfish is a community of proud citizens surrounded by the outdoors, looking for the next adventure, and acting as a hub for tourism. This health care campus will be one that you seek not only when you are sick, but also to maintain and elevate a healthy lifestyle. Features will include a wellness center, healing garden and family care center with the potential to become a health care destination. This is our vision for Spearfish.


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